Bitcoin Interest Electrum Wallet and New Affiliate Referral Program

BitcoinInterest~June 2, 2018 /Bitcoin Interest News
Bitcoin Interest Electrum Wallet and New Affiliate Referral Program

We are delighted to announce the release of the official Bitcoin Interest Electrum wallet and our new affiliate referral program!

Electrum is a fast, secure, and lite weight wallet. It has virtually no syncing time, and it takes up very little computer space. A perfect wallet for those who want to quickly get started with Bitcoin Interest!

The Windows and Mac versions are available here:

How to import your private keys into the Electrum wallet:

Affiliate Referral Program
Earn bigger interest payments by referring new users to signup to the interest payment platform! The more signups you get, the higher your own interest payments can become!

How does it work?
When your referred signups decide to stake BCI coins in an interest round, 10% of their staked BCI coin amount will be applied to your existing staking balance registered in the interest round.

If your staking 1,000 BCI coins in the interest round, and all your referred signups stakes total 80,000 BCI coins, an additional weight of 8,000 coins will be applied to your stake balance resulting in the interest system paying you for a balance of 9,000 BCI coins instead of only 1,000!

You are not receiving 8,000 extra coins; you are borrowing their weight to obtain a more significant interest payment from the interest round.

Multi-Tier Affiliate Rewards
Your interest payments can also increase when your signups become affiliates, when their signups become affiliates, and so on.

If your interested in becoming an affiliate you will first need to create an account here, and then navigate to the “Referral” page to view your affiliate tracking link.

Thank you for your continued support, we will have more news to share with you soon!

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