Bitcoin Interest Listed on Hong Kong Based Exchange!

BitcoinInterest~May 9, 2018 /Bitcoin Interest News
Bitcoin Interest Listed on Hong Kong Based Exchange!

We are pleased to announce that Bitcoin Interest has made another entree into the Chinese cryptocurrency market when BCI started trading on May 9th, 11:30 AM HKT on the Hong Kong based exchange! More exchange information can be seen here:

The markets have been open for less than 24 hours, and at the time of writing this, the trade volume has already exceeded $700,000 USD. If the volume continues, we should see the total daily trade volume of all our current markets exceeding one million dollars which is a notable milestone!

We also want to thank for listing Bitcoin Interest! Within the next 48 hours, miners will be able to use the mining calculator on their website to estimate BCI mining profits based on current difficulty!

On the development side of things, we have released an Official BCI version of the pool software ZNOMP, so if any of you are looking to start your own Bitcoin Interest Mining pool you now have the opportunity! You can view the source code on our GitHub here:

ATTENTION: If you’re not already staking your BCI coins, you are missing out on Free BCI Coins! Go over to to stake your coin holdings and start receiving interest payments!

Join the Official Bitcoin Interest Telegram Channel to chat with the Team and speak with other individuals interested in our project:

We have a lot more exciting updates to release in the following days and weeks to come, and as always we appreciate your continued support! Don’t forget to spread the word about Bitcoin Interest on social media!

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