Official Bitcoin Interest Online Wallet

BitcoinInterest~May 6, 2018 /Bitcoin Interest News

After countless user requests for a lite version of the Bitcoin Interest wallet, we have delivered a fully functional online browser based wallet! We know it was a lot for our users to download the entire Bitcoin blockchain as it was a massive amount of data, but for those of you who did, thank you for participating and supporting the network!

This official lite wallet will allow newcomers to quickly get started with Bitcoin Interest and help further expand the community. Users will no longer be scared away by large hard drive space requirements and long wallet syncing times.

You can access the online wallet here:

Note: Your online wallet will be created/accessed by entering an email and password combination. Every time you want to access your online wallet you must enter the same email and password combination. If you change the email or password even slightly you will be creating a brand new wallet.

Once you are “logged in” you will be able to View your BCI Balance, Send/Receive BCI, View Your Transaction History, and even Export your Wallet’s Keys.

For those of you who like to have their wallet running in their own environment, we are also looking into releasing Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS versions of the lite wallet soon.

On another note: If you think you can help get the word out about Bitcoin Interest please join the official Bitcoin Interest Marketing channel on Telegram here:

As always we truly appreciate the continued support from our community, please stay tuned for more releases and exciting updates!

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